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What are volumetric geogrids?

A geocell is a geosynthetic structure that is a three-dimensional structure of strips made of polyester, polyethylene or polypropylene. The polymer or synthetic strips are fastened together, forming a flexible three-dimensional grid with cells arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

The geocell serves as an excellent reinforcing frame, and its cells are subsequently filled with rock fragments, bulk materials (sand, gravel) or filled with concrete. In order to reduce construction costs, fixing of the filling is practiced.

Due to its structure, flexibility and resistance to deformation, the geocell is used successfully where it is necessary to counteract erosion, soil collapse or removal of excess moisture (drainage).

Advantages of the geocell

  • Durability due to the resistance of synthetic and polymeric materials to aggressive environmental influences (groundwater, ultraviolet rays, salts, alkalis) and resistance to rot, which ensures a long service life
  • The material is environmentally friendly, does not emit toxic and hazardous substances.
  • The geocell does not need maintenance and repairs
  • It is convenient to transport and takes up minimal storage space because it is transported and stored assembled.


Different uses of geocells

  1. In construction – to strengthen slopes, river banks and reservoirs
  2. In road construction – during the construction of all kinds of roads, parking lots, helicopter pads, strengthening slopes next to the tracks
  3. In railway construction, the geocell serves to strengthen the slopes adjacent to the railway tracks, to strengthen weak soils in the places where the tracks pass, and to increase their stability by distributing the load over a larger area, to prevent the formation of gaps under muddy sections of the railway line. In muddy and swampy areas, the reinforcing structure of the geocell is combined with drainage elements and mesh geotextiles.
  4. In infrastructure projects – strengthening and landscaping of slopes, anti-erosion protection, fixing fertile soil
  5. The oil and gas industry – the geocell is used to strengthen complex sections of pipelines, especially in mountainous areas, in the construction of retaining structures for embankments, on sites for compressor stations, to create temporary or permanent roads to access oil production facilities and gas to strengthen the territory of the fields
  6. Strengthening of drains – due to its flexibility and resistance to deformation, the geosynthetic cage serves to strengthen the banks of rivers, the walls of water reservoirs and small hydraulic structures. The filler for each of the cases is selected separately, taking into account the water flow.
  7. In landscape construction – the geocell is used to create garden paths, sports fields, decorative embankments.

SMART METAL GROUP offers its customers products with guaranteed quality. To ensure the comfort and peace of mind of our customers, the company adheres to the policy: in case you buy a product and it does not satisfy you, we will make it again or return your money.

Types of geocells

Geocells with a height of 7.5 cm

Geocells with a height of 10 cm

Geocells with a height of 20 cm

Installation of geocells

The geocells are installed using an L-shaped fastener, which fixes the structure in an extended position, and then filled with various fillers. A layer of mesh geotextile is placed under the Geocell for drainage and layer separation.

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