Gabions manufacturing

Gabion baskets are manufactured using several different technologies, depending on their application and the characteristics required for operation. manufactures gabions and reinforcing nets that are certified according to the ISO 9001: 2000 production line.

черно бял сглобяване на габиони

Types of gabions

  1. Electrowelded gabions are made of welded metal panels, most often of galvanized wire. Hot-dip galvanized panels are also available, as well as Galfan wire. Most often from F3 or F4, but others are made to order.

  2. Knitted gabions are made of double or triple-twisted knitted hexagonal mesh, without welding. Galvanized wire F3 is most often used.

Both types of gabions can vary in size and characteristics to meet the needs of the project. Gabions are also made by special orders of the client, most often those for decorative purposes or with special requirements for durability.

Mounting components

Gabions are usually produced together with all the necessary components for installation. These include gabion sides, spirals or wire for mounting, diaphragms, tensioners and more. These components are included in the price of the gabion.

Additionally, it is necessary to purchase geotextile for the substrate and inert material to fill the baskets.

Inquiry for the manufacture of gabions

Inquiry for an offer for the purchase of gabions + installation from

1. Receive an inquiry from a customer by phone / email for gabion production.

The following questions are clarified:

  • Where is the object for which the gabions are needed?
  • Purpose and purpose of the gabions – decorative wall, fence, stepped yard, retaining wall or other.
  • Dimensions and characteristics of the gabion – width, length, height and more that is necessary for the preparation of an individual offer and the preparation of a bill of quantities for the necessary materials.
  • Selection of the appropriate type of gabions for the implementation of the site – braided, electrowelded, “Premium” system, geocells, decorative or others.

2. The address, suitable day and time for site inspection are specified. After the inspection, an individual offer for production / delivery / installation is prepared. An approximate date for possible installation is agreed for each site.

3. Date for delivery and installation of gabions is officially preserved with advance payment in cash at the address / by bank or otherwise. Keep in mind that the delivery of the gabions is done before starting work on the site.

How to order?

Contact us at the following contacts:

Tel: +359 876 836 490

Delivery methods

  • Pickup with own transport from Sofia, 67 Okolovrasten pat Str.
  • Delivery via Transpress for weight over 50 kg. (palletized shipment).
  • Delivery by courier of your choice.
  • Delivery with our transport.

Delivery times

Delivery time minimum 5 working days, depending on the number of ordered gabions.

Available in stock of woven and welded gabions can check at the indicated contacts.