Combined fences with gabions

With their strength and stability, but at the same time a stylish and simple look, gabions are entering more and more homes and industrial premises. It is their simple appearance that allows the easy combination of gabion fence systems with different types of material. And with more imagination and combining different inert material, an ordinary fence can become a real work of art. In recent times, combinations of gabions with fence nets or panels, wood material, or gabion flowerpots between the columns are chosen as a base, in which flowers or even trees are planted to contribute to their greenery and charm.

Fence = Gabions + Wooden slats

The wooden slats with which the gabions are combined to obtain a combined fence system are made to order according to the specific dimensions of the fence and especially the customer’s preferences regarding the type and color of the wood. They can be placed both horizontally and vertically to suit any taste or garden style.

According to the customer’s wishes, the slats can be attached to columns made of wood or gabions, and the vision in one case remains more modernist, and in the other, it would fit better in a more domestic setting. Wooden slats are treated with impregnation or varnish, which makes them resistant to various weather conditions and, accordingly, extends the life of the fence

A big advantage when choosing a combined fence system, compared to a completely wooden one, is that since the gabions have an extremely long life if the wood is damaged or worn, there is no need to replace the entire fence, only the additional elements. This allows both to change the design of the fence system and to save money in the future.

Several ideas of combined fences gabions and wood