Gabion fences - "Renovation" system

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Smart Metal Group prepares an individual offer for each site. The final price may depend on the length and complexity of the selected gabion system, the condition of the main wall on which it will be installed and the included components (metal gabion panels, inert material, decorative and lighting elements, delivery to the site, installation and others).

A system of gabions for renovation is not kept in stock and is made to order and assigned to a specific site, after a preliminary inspection and preparation of an offer.

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Advantages of the gabion system RENOVATION

New! The Renovation gabion system is an opportunity to deal easily and quickly with any already built concrete, brick old wall, or wall. When you no longer like the look, it is outdated, it needs restoration or renewal, the Renovation gabion system is the best choice. Gabions are a modern interior and exterior solution that has a number of advantages. They are increasingly used in every home and garden. Environmentally friendly, long-lasting, fast installation, and without the need for annual maintenance.

Like the Premium system, the new gabion system that we offer you is made of metal grids with an opening size of 5×20 cm. A huge advantage of this construction is its width. Unlike all other gabions, when installing the system, it is attached to the already-built foundation (wall or masonry). This allows the width of the structure to fit up to 10 cm. The filling can again be made of natural stone and achieve the same effect as with all other gabion installations. The opening of the mesh allows the use of smaller fractions of stone. Basalt, granite, limestone, andesite, stone bark, or others of the customer’s choice are often used as filling for this type of gabion fence.

Unlike all other building materials, the hot-dip galvanized grids of the Renovation system guarantee the longevity of the structure, and high resistance to any external influences and economy, without additional maintenance fees during operation.

Technical specifications of gabion panel "Renovation"

The components listed are included in the price listed in the table below.

  • Hot-dip galvanized front panel with holes 5×20 cm.
  • Hot-dip galvanized side panels with an opening of 5×20 cm.
  • Wall spacers, from which the thickness of the fence is also determined (does not affect the final price).
  • Fastening screws, nuts, steel anchors for concrete, and stone fraction are used for installation

Options for installing the Gabion system:

  • Options for gabion system thickness: 12.5, 17.5, or 22.5 cm.
  • The possible height of the gabion system is from 40 cm to 240 cm.
  • Possibility for non-standard heights over 240 cm.
  • Corner/wall mounting option or corner dressing option.
  • Possibility of dressing columns from all sides.
  • Option for color treatment of the metal and painting with RAL colors.

Prices of different gabion options from the Renovation system

All panels in the Renovation system have a varying width from 10 to 20 cm, which depends on the customer’s preferences and does not affect the final price of the gabion panels. The indicated prices are in Bulgarian leva with VAT included and all necessary components for installation – metal panels and fasteners. Prices do not include delivery, aggregate, and installation of the building and fence renewal system.





Price with VAT

40 cm

250 cm

10/15/20 cm

11 pcs

220 BGN

60 cm

250 cm

10/15/20 cm

14 pcs

266 BGN

80 cm

250 cm

10/15/20 cm

18 pcs

316 BGN

100 cm

250 cm

10/15/20 cm

21 pcs

356 BGN

120 cm

250 cm

10/15/20 cm

25 pcs

413 BGN

140 cm

250 cm

10/15/20 cm

28 pcs

468 BGN

160 cm

250 cm

10/15/20 cm

32 pcs

528 BGN

180 cm

250 cm

10/15/20 cm

35 pcs

571 BGN

200 cm

250 cm

10/15/20 cm

39 pcs

615 BGN

220 cm

*200 cm

10/15/20 cm

30 pcs

641 BGN

240 cm

*200 cm

10/15/20 cm

33 pcs

684 BGN