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Smart Metal Group makes an individual offer for each site. The final price may depend on the length and complexity of the selected fence, the included components (metal gabion panels, inert material, wood, decorative and lighting elements, delivery to the site, installation, etc.).

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Advantages of the gabion system PREMIUM

Fence systems offer hundreds, even more types, variations, sizes, features, etc. When it comes to choosing a suitable fencing system, it is necessary to take into account key factors. Is the fence suitable for this project, how long will it take to install it, how expensive will it be, what maintenance will it require in the future, is it stable, strong enough, etc.?

That is why in recent years an innovative solution has become more and more popular on the market: gabion fencing systems. The latest design trends define the Gabion as the best choice when building different types of fences. Not only! He finds thousands of applications in construction and engineering activities, as well as in conceptual and modern projects in interior and landscape design.

As for the fences, their implementation of gabions has a number of advantages that you can see for yourself.

Gabion fencing systems “Premium” are made of galvanized metal grilles with the concealed installation of their connecting elements. This makes them easy to “insert” into any landscape project. The finished gabion fences are beautiful, modern, and at the same time durable and long-lasting. One of their biggest advantages is that they easily fit into any environment around them. They can be installed on various types and purposes of objects, among which may be family houses, parks, gardens, office buildings, etc. In addition to blending well with the environment, these systems are environmentally friendly. The materials from which they are made (steel and stone) turn each such fence into a classic and ecological solution. For this reason, this type of premium gabion system can be installed in national parks and protected areas.

Another one of their most important advantages is the variations. When it comes to building a fence, everyone has their preferences. Modular gabion grid systems allow the design and implementation of different types of fences – with different heights, and widths, with and without openings, with different decoration, lighting, additional vegetation, etc. Combinations of gabions with wood, metal gratings, fence panels, and even nets are also possible. With their help, solid and non-dense fences, decorative and protective fences, different types of fences, decorations, etc. can be made.

Installing these fences is a relatively easy, quick, and not so difficult process compared to erecting a concrete or brick wall. Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing this fence system is that it can be implemented in any season of the year. Gabions do not require processes of drying, hardening, waiting for the right time, and others necessary for the implementation of classic fences. Modular systems allow quick installation, even on more specific terrains, with more bends, longer lengths, etc.

If this is still not enough information on why to choose a gabion fence, then keep in mind that choosing a “Premium” system saves future costs for its maintenance. Gabions are a long-term product that does not require special attention. The materials used in the installation of this system are steel and stone, which means that the operation of the fence can last 50 years or more.

A bonus of the gabion systems “Premium” is that they can withstand future modifications. If you have decided that it is time for a change, it is never a problem for the gabion fence to undergo modification in its appearance, change of filling, or even relocation.

Technical specifications of "Premium" fence panel

Gabion fences “Premium” are made of metal panels with a length of 250 cm, which can be mounted with a variable width of 20 to 40 cm on the fence. The height of the fence itself can also vary – from 40 cm to 240 cm. The metal rods that are used for welding metal panels are 4 mm in diameter and are placed during welding at a distance of 50 mm. The mesh of the net to be formed is 200 x 50 mm.

This system and method of production guarantee the maximum life of the panel.

The components for installation included in the price are:

  • 2 stabilizing steel cars.
  • Steel tensioners.
  • Mounting nuts and screws.

Prices of different options fences Premium

All fences have a varying width of 20 to 40 cm, which depends on customer preferences and does not affect the final price of the fence. The indicated prices are in Bulgarian levs including VAT and all necessary components for installation – metal panels, stabilizing columns, fasteners. Prices do not include delivery, aggregate and installation of the Premium fencing system.


Length 2.50m

Length 5m

Length 10m

Length 15m

Length 20m

Length 25m

Length 30m

40 sm



1 878

2 817

3 755

4 694

5 633

60 sm


1 025

2 050

3 075

4 099

5 124

6 149

80 sm


1 166

2 332

3 497

4 663

5 828

6 994

100 sm


1 346

2 691

4 037

5 382

6 727

8 073

120 sm


1 510

3 020

4 530

6 039

7 549

9 059

140 sm


1 714

3 427

5 140

6 853

8 566

10 279

160 sm


1 862

3 724

5 586

7 447

9 309

11 171

180 sm

1 041

2 081

4 162

6 243

8 323

10 404

12 485

200 sm

1 200

2 402

4 803

7 205

9 606

12 008

14 409

220 sm


2 640

5 280

7 920

10 561

13 200

15 841

240 sm

1 433

2 885

5 769

8 654

11 538

14 411

17 307

* All prices are in BGN (bulgarian leva) and include VAT.

Premium Gabion Columns

Premium gabion columns have the same advantages. They are made of the same metal bars and have a column size of 40 x 40 cm. A huge advantage of Premium columns is that their height can vary. You can see the types of sizes and their prices with the indicated table.

Size column

Height column

Price BGN

40 х 40 sm

from 0 to 120 sm

40 х 40 sm

from 140 to 160 sm

40 х 40 sm

from 180 to 200sm

40 х 40 sm

from 220 to 240 sm

The price includes VAT and all components for installation.

Variations of Premium system fences

Premium fences allow the construction of gabion bases with a minimum height of 40 cm and the placement of decorative columns. The distance between the columns themselves can be filled with wood of your choice, electrowelded metal panels, galvanized fence panels with a bend, mesh, or other at the customer’s choice. Dressing the columns with wood is only illustrative and not mandatory!

Premium fences are made of panels with a length of 250 cm, but allow you to fulfill your wishes and add columns with a length of 40 cm. The distance between the columns can be filled with wood of your choice, electric welded metal panels, galvanized fence panels with folds, network or others of the customer’s choice. Dressing the elements with wood is only illustrative and not mandatory!

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Delivery times

Delivery time minimum 5 working days, depending on the number of ordered gabions.

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