Gabions delivery

The delivery time of gabions depends on their type, number and characteristics. Approximately the term for production and delivery is between 5-10 working days. If the gabions are of non-standard size or in large numbers, it is possible to extend the period by several working days.

Delivery to Sofia, Bulgaria

  • For the district of Sofia the gabions from can be obtained on the spot in our base in the city of Sofia, at 67 Okolovrasten pat Str. (Between Dragalevtsi and Boyana)
  • We deliver with our transport in Sofia region, both gabions and the necessary materials for installation and aggregate.
  • In Sofia district we can also install a site.

Delivery of gabions in Bulgaria

Delivery on the territory of the country can be done in several different ways:

  • Delivery by courier – Econt, Speedy, Transpress or other at your request. Smaller shipments, mainly decorative gabions, are usually sent by Econt and Speedy couriers. Heavy and bulky palletized shipments are sent to the whole country with Transpress. The prices at which the deliveries are made are made at the prices of the respective courier and their price schedules. Prices can be agreed in advance with
  • Delivery by transport from – depending on your location, quantity and total volume of gabions, we can prepare a price for transport with our vehicle to your address.
  • Delivery with your transport – the delivery of the gabions can be organized by you personally. We will assist with its delivery to the courier / transport you have provided.

Delivery of inert material

Delivery of aggregate material can be carried out only for sites for which gabions and / or installation are requested by Delivery of aggregates is accepted only for the region. Sofia with a preliminary selection of the inert material (type and size of the stone). For orders outside Sofia, Bulgaria we recommend our customers provide the desired type of inert material from a stone quarry near your address.

Terms for gabions production

The term for the production of gabions is at least 5 working days, depending on the number and type of ordered gabions. You can check the stocks of gabions at the indicated contacts.

How to order?

Contact us at the following contacts:

Tel: +359 876 836 490

Delivery methods

  • Pickup with own transport from Sofia, 67 Okolovrasten pat Str.
  • Delivery via Transpress for weight over 50 kg. (palletized shipment).
  • Delivery by courier of your choice.
  • Delivery with our transport.

Delivery times

Delivery time minimum 5 working days, depending on the number of ordered gabions.

Available in stock of woven and welded gabions can check at the indicated contacts.